Access Guideline


Dear Birdsboro Climbers,

Over the past two months we have had a few disturbing confrontations between members of our climbing community and the Birdsboro Police and Robeson Township officials. Please note that climbing at Birdsboro is a privilege not a right. In fact it, less than 15 years ago it was illegal to set foot in the reservoir level of the quarry. If you were found in that area, you could be arrested (when my son was 16 years old he was caught in the quarry, arrested, and spent the night in jail.) We are fortunate that through hard work and improved relations that we now have access to the full quarry. With that access, comes an expectation and a standard of behavior.

If the Birdsboro Police are using the shooting range then you must vacate the entire reservoir level (areas 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13) of the climbing area. If an official from Birdsboro/Robeson Township asks you to leave the area, then promptly pack up your belongings and leave. Please be courteous and respectful to anyone doing their job. In doing so, you help ensure access for all.

Best Regards,

Gail Blauer