Our Friends

H&K Group-Birdsboro Materials The Haines & Kibblehouse Group with Birdsboro Materials has been a corporate sponsor for us. The outhouse and it’s maintenance are provided to us free of charge as a donation to the climbing association. They have assisted us with a number of large infrastructure projects. Their whole group has been very generous to us and a great neighbor in the watershed. http://www.hkgroup.com
Hay Creek Historical Society The folks who run the lumber mill at Johanna Furnace have volunteered to provide lumber for a number of projects. This kind donation has been invaluable for some of our very costly projects such as the restoration of the Crusher Building at the quarry. They are a part of the rich history of our Watershed.http://www.haycreek.org/
Hay Creek Watershed Association The Board of Directors have provided valuable assistance in maintaining access in the Watershed. They have assisted us in our event planning as well as experience in partnering with local stakeholders in the development of the Hopewell Big Woods Project of which Birdsboro Climbing is a part of. Consider donating or volunteering as a local partner with us. http://www.hcwa.camp9.org/
Eastridge Outfitters Andy of Eastridge Outfitters has been a Corporate Sponsor for our events, supplying prizes for our Climb & Clean (shoes, ropes, quickdraws) as well as other events. Please support his business – he has one of the largest inventories of climbing shoes & gear in the area. http://www.eastridgeoutfitters.com/
Eastern Mountain Sports – Collegeville, PA
EMS has supported many of our events with advertising, prizes as well as volunteers for projects. Their staff is responsible for the building of the “Berm Trail” that gives access to the Giant Wall and the Wall of the Immortals. https://www.facebook.com/EMS-Collegeville
Reading Rocks Tom Bebb of Reading Rocks (a local rock climbing gym) and his staff have been integral to both the development and growth of the area. He volunteers his staff and equipment to provide free climbing instruction at our Climb & Clean event in the Fall. His counsel and input have helped with access and public awareness. http://www.readingrocks.com/
Crew5.14 Venture Crew 5.14 from Hawk Mountain Council and Boy Scouts of America is sponsored by the Birdsboro Area Climbers Association. They hold meetings at Reading Rocks Climbing Gym on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Each meeting’s program varies depending on the program planned by our youth leadership and will frequently include learning and working on climbing skills, outdoor activities, preparing for campouts, working on advancement or other projects. http://www.climbrocks.net/
C2D (Chad Campbell Design) designed our Birdsboro climbing website.  Chad Campbell, owner and creative director of C2D is a professional graphic designer as well as an avid local climber. He volunteers his time in updating and maintaining our website as well as putting together sound advertising pieces for future events held by the climbing quarry.  http://www.c2dcreative.com
Sly Fox Brewers is a favorite sponsor of Birdsboro Climbing, Their Master Brewer Brian O’Reilly is a rock climber and has had his entire family out at the Bird to climb. His favorite climb of course is Ichor Sunday – named after one of their Flagship beers. Sly fox discounts us their beers for our events and sponsor’s Fundraising evenings of food & Beers to help us and other Non-Profits raise money. Be sure to visit one of their local Brew Pubs after your day at the crag. http://www.slyfoxbeer.com/
Iron Hill Brewery has been a longtime sponsor of Birdsboro Climbing. Larry Horwitz, their Master Brewer has sponsored the Climb & Clean Dinner event – providing food as well as their award winning Ales. Larry is also an avid rock & Ice climber. Vienna Lager, one of their House Ales is also the name of a great 5.7 on the Beer Wall area of the Lower Slabs. With Brew Pubs located throughout the region you’ll be sure to find one on the way home from Birdsboro. http://www.ironhillbrewery.com/
Tent & Trails has been a longtime sponsor of Birdsboro Climbing. http://www.tenttrails.com/